Friday, January 2, 2009

Protecting His Legacy

Just saw a clip on ESPN's NFL Year in Review thing on Sports Center. It had Brett Favre saying of the Packers, "They say they want to protect my legacy. But is my legacy protected by being a back up?" (or something to that effect).

A) All Brett Favre cares about is himself and his legacy
B) How's your legacy now, bitch?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This was posted in the comments the other day. Basically says Mangini was lukewarm with getting Favre at best

Eric Mangini's end with the Jets began with Brett Favre's arrival

Thomas Jones pissed about interceptions

Whoa! Shit, meet Fan. Shit...Fan. Fan...Shit

Man, this is getting easy. I just have to copy and paste shit nowadays. As long as writers do their job, I don't have to do mine. Players are trying their hardest to make sure Favre doesn't come back, Woody be damned

Serby says Favre should retire. Why did it take a week to write this?