Friday, January 2, 2009

Protecting His Legacy

Just saw a clip on ESPN's NFL Year in Review thing on Sports Center. It had Brett Favre saying of the Packers, "They say they want to protect my legacy. But is my legacy protected by being a back up?" (or something to that effect).

A) All Brett Favre cares about is himself and his legacy
B) How's your legacy now, bitch?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This was posted in the comments the other day. Basically says Mangini was lukewarm with getting Favre at best

Eric Mangini's end with the Jets began with Brett Favre's arrival

Thomas Jones pissed about interceptions

Whoa! Shit, meet Fan. Shit...Fan. Fan...Shit

Man, this is getting easy. I just have to copy and paste shit nowadays. As long as writers do their job, I don't have to do mine. Players are trying their hardest to make sure Favre doesn't come back, Woody be damned

Serby says Favre should retire. Why did it take a week to write this?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looks Like I Missed Some Stuff

For some reason I can't click the links in the comments. Was traveling most of yesterday. I can only gather that there is something in there about Mangini naming his kid after Favre. That's ridiculous, and if true, a fireable offense in itself. I also don't buy Mrs. Mangini going for the idea.

It was nice to wake-up to this:

Cowher doesn't want Favre and withdraws from HC consideration

Nice job Boner and Tannenbaum. Nobody wants your pet projects. Another interesting thing in there: Tannenbaum and Mangini didn't make decisions together as much as I thought. I thought Mangini was more involved in personnel. I get the sense Woody is becoming too involved lately a la Dan Snyder. Why is he at the press conference? Was he at Herm's firing or any others?

Bob Glauber telling it like it is

The longer Favre goes without deciding the greater his chance of coming back I think. It should be obvious that the right decision is to leave. The longer this drags on it seems as though Favre will be convincing himself to come back.

I think Kerry Rhodes' comments hint at some frustration. I'm thinking it was kind of one of those things where someone tries to discourage you from doing something by telling you you can do it but then describing in detail all the sucky stuff and leaving out the good stuff.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favre's Green Bay Perks and other Primadonna-ness

Jay Glazer: (found this at scroll down to the Favre section.

Synopsis, had own dressing room and office in GB. Hated being called out by Mangini

Some other decent stuff from

It seemed as though that site was in the tank for Favre a couple of weeks ago. Now they are coming around

Please dont let Favre be running this team. It doesnt even make business sense at this time. Nobody will buy a PSL based on Favre coming back now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jets are a Joke

Mangini gone. And somehow Tannenbaum isn't. The only way this could possibly make sense is if Mangini wanted Favre and convinced Tannenbaum to go along with it. Maybe that was the case. Who knows?

Cotchery and Rhodes said Favre can come back as long as he participates fully in the offseason. This confirms my suspicions that Favre did not grasp the playbook.

An anonymous player (just saw it on ESPN) said that plays calls were catered to Favre and departed from what the Jets had been doing. More evidence the guy is not adaptable.

Even more similarites emerge between the Favre/Palin scenarios. I kinda just brought that up as a joke before because they were both dumb. Now it looks like both were "shoot the moon" with an unqualified person situation.

Now the Jets are down a QB, a coach, and a 3rd round draft pick. Maybe not making the playoffs was not best for the Jets. I hadn't counted on Mangini being fired.

What's worse:

No QB, new coach, no third round pick


No QB, Mangni, second round pick

It will be fun to watch all the beans be spilled a la the McCain campaign now that this is over. Should be juicy. I doubt Mangini will say anything though, at least not directly. Might just have to rely on "sources close to..."

I still don't see how a crappy 39 year old QB stinking up the place in the last 5 games is Mangini's fault.

This could just be one more situation where someone leaves the Jets and has the last laugh.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Too Many Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stouts

That means my candy ass had two. They are strong though (10%). Too much going on right now. Wii. Trying to find Caps highlights. Maybe SNY will tell me the numbnuts retired. I was going to photshop some pictures, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll read about something stupid the douche said and comment about it.

For those of you who actually find me entertaining and insightful keep on the lookout for something to the effect of Haven't settled on a name yet.

Here is a preview: (almost exclusively first half of rookie season. 3 more years of material out there)
if that piqued your interest and you have the time...

He actually deserves the attention he gets. He should probably get more..

***Update: I'm probably not going to start the Ovechkin blog. I'm sure there are already a ton of them

More Later (Have to eat dinner...)

for now...

Oh yeah, and did you see that bitch run off the field? Didn't even take the last snap/knee with dignity. I know I know, Smith is faster, yada yada.

Did you see Chad and Clemens? I'd love to know what they said. My guess:

Chad: I'm sorry man. You got screwed. If you need a reference let me know. I'll help you with your resume.

Kellen: Thanks man. I knew I could count on you. You are a class act, unlike this dickbag #4.