Sunday, November 30, 2008

Washington (et al) Rejects Bailout for Brett Favre...

Leon Washington, that is, and the rest of the New York Jets, who are normally complicit in enabling a mediocre at best QB to grab headlines in wins where he was a negative factor.

Actually, they did try to bail him out. Washington had at least one 40 or so yard gain on a screen play. A play on which one of the announcers (the color guy BLEW by the way) said Favre was a "great screen QB". WTF if that? Here is what makes a great screen QB: get ball to Leon Washington and let the offensive line, consisting of recent first round picks and large FA signinings, block for him. Gone, however, was the monster Washington kick return, often for a TD. Although Thomas Jones did rip off a couple long TD runs to offset this lack of contribution from Washington.

Gone was the Cotchery or Coles circus catch on poorly thrown ball
Gone was the other team forgetting to show up for the first half
Gone were the other team's receivers forgetting how to catch
Gone was the softie penalty (though there were some) that gives the Jets four new downs inside the 5 yard line.
Gone was the stifling Jets defense

Present was the crappy throwing, particularly on anything greater than seven yards outside the hash marks. The fourth down that Cotchery didn't catch was underthrown. Would have been caught on a good throw. Favre missed an open Keller down the middle to go three and out at the end of the first half which allowed Denver to come back and get three points.
Present was the poor passing game inside the ten yard line: first and goal from the seven in the third quarter (where the Jets settled for the FG) and the Jets settled for negative five yards (after a sack/fumble). I won't get into detail about the garbage time fiasco from the three yard line. Favre is not in need of time. He has plenty of it and fails to find receivers against a poor passing defense. There were numerous examples of this today. There were also plenty of balls that were touched first by Bronco defenders. Favre lacks any kind of touch to make passes in a short field. Everything is a chest/head high line drive. He can't put balls up and over defenders.

The two turnovers on downs were pretty pathetic (before garbage time). I believe it was the first TOD, Denver brought EVERYONE looking for a run and the line picked it up. With that much time and an open secondary he should have found someone to whom to at least attempt a throw. The other TOD was a crappy throw on third and three preceding the underthrown heave to Cotchery

Brett Favre didn't lose this game. The Jets did. This time the Jets just didnt play well enough to overcome thier deficiency at QB, like they have recently.

I only saw maybe a quarter of this game. The stats and boxscore indicate I probably missed more crappiness than quality from Favre.

-Brett Favre is maybe the 50th best quarterback.
--In the NFL?
-In Georgia...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Decent Game

I suppose the guy played a decent game, except for disappearing at the end of the second half through third quarter. Two good drives at the end. A fairly uneven performance all around from the Jets though, aided by a couple big plays (Leon TD and Cotcherry circus catch on an underthrow).

I'm still not convinced this guy is worth the pick we have given up for him. This game merely offsets the Oakland game. The coaches don't trust him either. Running on third and three near the end of regulation? Shouldn't you have more faith in QB you traded for who seems to do nothing else lately but throw 3 yard passes at 75% success rate?

Favre tonight was like Sarah Palin in the VP debate. A few moments when she knew what she was talking about and didn't look confused, like when she (I won't say eloquently, more like 5th grade English-ly) spoke about not answering the questions she is asked and any time she mentioned America Joe and Six Pack the Plumber. Smooth on the rehearsed talking points, crappy every where else. Brett got in his rehearsed opening remarks (more than I initially expected him to do tonight). Got confused for a bit. Then the Joe Biden Patriots fell asleep and the moderator asked Palin to take her top off. The expectations were so low that a night without an interception returned for TD is considered a success.

NE was missing 3 studs on D. It's about time the Jets put some points on the board against a wounded/sub par defense. Perhaps I overstated Belichick's genius.

You have to admit, the Pats all but gave this game away and the offense didn't want to take it:

Turnover on downs instead of a FG
Watson letting go of the ball (I won't call it fumbling) for some reason
Bad snap
Pretty weak holding call at the end of regulation (the first one on Vrabel) which help set up the roughly 15 plays inside the 10 and the go ahead TD.

The Jets were given this game on a silver platter and needed a coin toss to win. That is not encouraging. If I was a bit more crazy, I'd be thinking this was an NFL mandate to create a fairy tale story for the old man (or Uncle Rico as noted by Joe Pezz).

I suppose I'm on temporary hiatus til next game.

Someone else beat me to the topic of my initial post by a couple of months.

Thankfully I did not submit this as a PhD thesis. Probably would have been busted for plagiarism. My thoughts are my own I swear

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jets Playbook Leaked...

Here is a page from the Favre-ified playbook Belichik has reportedly gotten his hands on. Notice how the Jets simplify things by leaving out all the filler. It just shows where the two receivers and RB are going. It's very similar to the 5 on 4 setup of the Wrangler Grab Ass Football League (well except for the lack of the 5th defensive guy) where Brett has achieved his greatest success recently.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Guy Who Would Have Been Perfectly Good Here

Not much to write about the current Jets QB right now. So let's look at the guy who apparently couldn't manage our team to winning. Was this worth giving up a 2nd round pick and at least one more win (up to this point in time)?

Calling Dolphins' QB Chad Pennington a "Game Manager" is not an Insult

I also like the first two paragraphs here, as it provides a nice contrast from the "There is no such thing as an ugly win" mentality a certain current NY QB likes to spew after throwing picks (which make me spew) all over the place (also where my spew goes) to garbage (where my spew doesn't go) teams that the rest of the Jets eventually overcome to win.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now we wait for Thursday

The Rams suck. The Jets at any time have 10 good offensive or 11 good defensive players on the field at any time. Result = domination. NY writers might just as well not write about this a game and skip ahead to NE prep. Hell, the Jets should start practiing right now. They can't possibly be tired after that romp. Favre will need all the practice/film he can get after almost throwing two picks (in 19 attempts) against the 28th ranked pass defense.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jason Whitlock Article Rebuttal

Anonymous posted this article in the comments a couple of days ago. Since I dont have anything else to write, I figured I'd address it on the main page

The article is purely hypothetical and I dont buy the premise that the Green Bay FO wanted to make a name for themselves so they traded Favre. A GM's job is to win. Not win their own way. 99% of GMs would be happy if nobody knew their name as this would mean they are doing a decent job and nobody is calling for their firing.

Regarding the extensions given to the GM and coach, particularly the GM. A GM without job security is a dangerous scenario as they are likely to mortgage the future for the short term to save their job. The FO did nothing more than any other team in sports has done who has wished to rebuild (if you even want to call what GB did rebuilding. they are 4-4 after all. thats a pretty small step back in order to take two steps forward in the future). The Packers will be better next year and years from now. That may be because Rodgers has developed nicely, or he didnt and they got a better QB than what a 40 year old Favre would be next year. It was not worth it to tread water with Favre and delay future progress. These are the decisions only a GM with job security will make.

The Packers drafted Rodgers because they had reason enough to believe that Favre was going to retire or have diminished skills in near future. Once that is done, there is no going back and it is time to either shit or get off the pot once a few years have passed. You've already paid the guy's signing bonus for the most part and might be into a cheap part of his contract. If he sucks you can cut him. But if he is good, you have a hell of a value on your hands and plenty of space on the cap to add around him.

You can't fault the Packers for wanting to find out about Rodgers. Keeping Favre delays any sort of progress you expect to make going forward.

A) It delays your decision on Rodgers
B) What is Favre's salary, 12 mil? It would be nice to have that cap space

I cant remember (or never knew in the first place) all the drama in July because, frankly, I didnt really care since never in my wildest nightmares would the Jets get him.
Did he have a no trade clause?
Did he not want to be a back up?
All I know is he wanted to pick his team or get cut (so he could pick his team) and that held up whatever progress he was going to make with whatever future team had the (mis)fortune of obtaining him. Doesn't sound like a guy who just loves the game and wants to play it. Brett Favre has become a team-wrecker. Just like a home-wrecker. It's hard to resist at the time. Then after your home is wrecked, you look back and think it wasnt that good anyway.

The Packers didnt owe him anything. The relationship was mutually beneficial. I certainly wouldnt expect anyone to owe me anything after theyt paid me close to 100 million dollars and had the good fortune to play 15+ years in the NFL. I only wish I can be victimized like that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Game Management" and Brandon Tierney speaking out of his ass

Apparently Favre is begrudgingly now a "Game Manager". Aside from the fact that we had a perfectly good (and better) game manager who is also capable of running about 500% more plays on offense, this is disturbing for a number of reasons. Oh yeah, in addition to that QB that would have done just fine averaging 6-7 yards per attempt, we would also not be down a draft pick.

Lots of articles have been talking about how Favre managed the game last week.
How the hell does making a terrible decision in the 4th quarter that results in a pick/TD for the other team count as game management?
I guess that is because the RBs and OL grinded it out after the Jets completely neutralized the self-imposed threat that is Brett Favre but putting an electric dog collar on him.
Favre deserves NO CREDIT for last weeks win. NONE. He shouldnt even get his name in the paper (except for throwing a killer pick). He contribubted nothing more than what probably 60 QBs in the country could have.

FYI, Brandon Tierney just implied Shottenheimer is doing a bad job.

What is more likely:

A) A guy two years removed from being highly regarded for piecing together 10-6 season, and possibly being considered for some head coaching jobs, having no clue how to tell somebody to throw the ball far or forgetting everything he did back then that was successful.


B) Said person being severly limited in their creativity because the guy who runs all the plays in incapable of knowing where everyone on the field is supposed to go because he played in one system forever and came into camp two weeks late and was basically shell shocked.

The Anti Favre Scorecard

Looking at the newspapers and websites the past few days, those weakly leading the Anti Favre Brigade are:

The guy (from Newsday? Someone correct me if wrong. I'm lazy) who said the Jets would be 5-3 with Pennington too. I would go so far as to say 6-2 or 7-1. He would have beaten Oakland and I would say NE too. He also neglected to mention that the Jets would still have what is looking to be a 2nd round pick. I'll give him a 5 out of 10 for being anti-Favre. He kinda hid behind a pro-Chad perspective

and the Guy from the AFC East Blog on ESPN. He says the Jets are a running team (2 out of 10 on the scathe-meter). He says Favre is overrated but "not bad" (5 out of 10). I beg to differ. He says Jenkins is the MVP of the Jets (1 out of 10). Speaking of Jenkins, someone named illish79 on the ESPN Blog comments referred to him as a "hairless bear". Well done

This is giving me an idea to actually be more vigilant in monitoring who is the most Favre-scathing among journalists. The winner will get some kind of award, if he actually cares. I suppose we could also open this up to commenters or blog followers. We'll see how long that ESPN Blog guy keeps it up. I suspect ESPN is going to neuter or spay him sooner or later. If a national writer wins this competetion, what has the NY media got left? They got nothing if they are not irrational and harsh. It really would be an upset.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Made it possible to commment without creating an account (I think)

Election Night

It's Election Night suckas, which means we get to vote someone off the Jets (I wish).

Gonna woop it up 'Bama-style (that's a double entedre if you are clued in to the lingo of the DC youth) on Capitol Hill for the Dork Super Bowl (Sorry, ripped that off some dude named Fritz at the Washington Post). I wasnt really political until Tundra-spice (ripped that off Ali Baseball Cat) arrived on the scene.

Now that I am done ripping witty things off other people, please vote in the polls I added to the left.

Favre is only capable of screwing up once a week, so my material runs out by Sunday night. If I had more time and the NHL package, I'd consider starting up

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is not the WGAFL

Phil Simms said the Jets showed him a lot. I'm going to put words in his mouth here: "The Jets showed me a lot. Specifically that they can overcome a huge deficiency at the QB position. Time after time Leon Washington makes something out of nothing on a 1 yard pass, fumble, or botched hand off. He also frequently returns kicks very far after Brett Favre picks that have been returned for TDs. The defense stepped up today and accounted for 10 points. It is remarkable how they can win games week after week. Well except for those games against Oakland and the Tom Brady-less Pats."

The Jets can be so much better without this bumpkin playing quarterback. I revise my earlier statement that the Jets offense has become Madden '93. It is worse. They have removed the C button from the Genesis controller so Favre can only focus on two options on half of the field.

Brett, this is not the Wrangler Grab Ass Football League. It is 11 on 11, not the 5 on 4 (Brett is the automatic QB when he plays with his buds, much to even their shagrin). This fundamental difference means that receivers such as Jericho Cotcherry might be fucking covered STEP FOR STEP.

Now we will hear cliches like "There are no easy wins in this league" and "There is no such thing as an ugly win" in rambling press conferences for another week while we sit back and watch the negative pick that Green Bay paid us to take Brett off their hands escalate from a 4th rounder to probably 3rd by now and maybe 2nd any week now.

Game balls go to the 21 guys on both sides of the ball not named Brett Favre, and maybe a couple on special teams.

LC didnt get the memo...

that the O is supposed to go 3 and out and get the D in there to score some more points. Great catch on a poor throw to keep the drive alive after he failed to make a great catch on another poor throw (and decision) prior.

Oh well, taking a break now. Jets seem to have been moving the ball in a rare moment of clarity for the idiot

The best offense is a great defense

I think usually it is the reverse, but the Jets D has taken it upon themselves to score TDs because the bretthole can't. It's a tectonic (sp?) shift in modern football theory.

Thank you Abram Elam. And a belated one to you too Revis, although you failed to advance the ball the final six yards after the hit and fumble recovery. You are going to have to step your game up

Thanks for the 3 points Bills

Way to capitalize on that big forced fumble by Revis there...

1st and goal from the six-ish: Brett doesnt catch the snap and feebly lunges forward for it while Leon Washington bails him out. That is becoming a theme this year.

2nd and goal: Some bullshit where Brett locks on to half the field and holds the ball too long

3rd and goal: Same shit as second down followed by a scramble and throw away

Of course the announcers dont say anything bad about Favre. It is good Bills coverage.

Maybe if we had a QB with an IQ higher than that of Sarah Palin we could be more creative to counter the Bills coverage, but we don't and we can't