Friday, January 2, 2009

Protecting His Legacy

Just saw a clip on ESPN's NFL Year in Review thing on Sports Center. It had Brett Favre saying of the Packers, "They say they want to protect my legacy. But is my legacy protected by being a back up?" (or something to that effect).

A) All Brett Favre cares about is himself and his legacy
B) How's your legacy now, bitch?


Anonymous said...

I think he's actually from El Salvador, and just took the name Brett Favre to get into the country. He should be mowing lawns or busing tables.

Anonymous said...

His legacy is taking an absolute raping right now. The NY media is letting him have it...bad teammate, bad leader, bad QB, bad attitude, got coach fired, no other coach wants to come to NY because they don't want to coach Favre, etc. These are things that would hever have happened in GB. He is too stupid to stay retired, and he will come back again. Can't wait until I see his stats next year hahaha.