Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Too Many Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stouts

That means my candy ass had two. They are strong though (10%). Too much going on right now. Wii. Trying to find Caps highlights. Maybe SNY will tell me the numbnuts retired. I was going to photshop some pictures, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll read about something stupid the douche said and comment about it.

For those of you who actually find me entertaining and insightful keep on the lookout for something to the effect of Haven't settled on a name yet.

Here is a preview: (almost exclusively first half of rookie season. 3 more years of material out there)
if that piqued your interest and you have the time...

He actually deserves the attention he gets. He should probably get more..

***Update: I'm probably not going to start the Ovechkin blog. I'm sure there are already a ton of them

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