Friday, October 31, 2008

Brett Favre Sucks. Bench Him Now

So here it is Week 9 of the NFL season and I'm starting a blog about Brett Favre sucking. I've held this belief since the Jets got him, but figured once he started to suck in public the NY media would entertainingly rip him apart. What do we have so far? Nothing really. I think there was a semi scathing article from Ian O'Connor a week or so ago. A revealing article on Chad vs Favre by some ESPN putz is the most I've seen. So here I am picking up the slack. Oh yeah, Ron Jaworski said about Jets fans "You can't boo Brett Favre!". F that. What has this dick done for us besides potentially waste our 2nd round pick?

As soon as we got this dill hole, I knew this was going to suck. We were getting an old, dumb (or anti-intellectual), closet primadonna that was going to disrupt the make-up of the team. Most of me does not blame Mangina and Tannenbaum for this. I think it was forced them by Boner Johnson to help up the price on the 2k auction seats at the new stade and steal some backpage headlines for some stupid reason. Or possibly Goodell wanted to get the crybaby back in the league IN NY. This move just doesn't stink of Mangini and Tannebaum. In Mangenius' first season, he took the team to 10-6 getting the most of the players he had, inlcuding Pennington with a lacluster running game.

Last season was a debacle, probably because of the Kendall mess and lack of offensive line. I'll give them a mulligan. Adding a beyond reproach washed-up hall of fame gun-slin---(OUCH my brain gets zapped everytime I hear or think that fucking word) seems completely against their philosophy. No matter how much Brett says its all about the team, it is not. It is and always will be all about him. He does put on a selfless front that fools most. However I think deep down he loves the attention and thinks everybody loves him. Case in point:

"I'm retired"
"I want to come back (and stunt the future growth of the GB packers because I want to play)"
"Release me so I can go to the team I want (and stop the Packers from getting anything of value for me because I'm Brett Favre and I get what I want dammit)"
"I dont want to be traded to the Jets or Tampa. I want to go to Chicago or Minnesota. WAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAH"
"OK, I'll go to the Jets"

F...This...Guy. How could the Jets have possibly wanted this guy. How is this different than TO wanting out of a contract?

The first sign of trouble came when Favre starts bellyaching and pre-making excuses about learning a new offense for the first time in god knows how many years. Contrast this with Chad's immediate grasp of the Dolphins' offense and how the receivers were amazed that Chad was hitting them with balls as the came out of breaks.

I like/love Chad and realize he is not the greatest quarterback, but he is pretty good. He is not Brady or Manning, but few guys are. Brett Favre is not an upgrade. Here's why:

I particularly appreciated Mangini's first season where the team, with its smart coaches and smart QB, pieced together gameplans from week to week to get the job done. As soon as we acquired the anti-intellectual bumpkin bretthole, it was obvious our coaches were to be handcuffed to a Sega Genesis Madden '93 playbook, because Brett can't handle Super Nintendo with it's four buttons.

What did GB give us for the favor of taking their All American drama queen off their hands? Nothing. We paid them. Awesome. Bench Brett now so we dont give up a 2nd rounder. See what we have in Clemens. Last year was inconclusive since nobody could play behind that O-line.

We have a top rate O-line and RB and this dickbag threw away a game against Oakland, escaped KC, lost a winnnable game against NE, sucked against CIN, gave the game away against SD with an early the pick for a TD, beat the at-the-time Minor League Dolphins with a luck Hail Mary, and racked up a ton of TDs when AZ was pouting about spending a week in DC and sleepwalked through a game. About this, that douche Carlin on SNY said Brett is simply winning games with the team that is around him. Except for that NE game and Oakland game. If Pennington was here, we would have beaten Oakland, likely beaten NE, and given SD a better game at least.

As soon as Favre got here, Belichick knew he essentially got two more bye weeks with the weak ass game plans the Jets were going to be forced to throw against him. Please put in Clemens, we need to find out about this guy. I'd rather watch a young guy make mistakes than an old dumb asshole who has lost his fastball (his only pitch) sashay (you know that stupid f-ing walk he does with the little steps) off the field unbuckling his chin strap after a pick to go look at black and white pictures with the coaches who say "You see these 5 guys in the other jerseys? DONT FUCKING THROW THE BALL THERE".

If he wants to play football, he should go play in the Wrangler Grab-Ass Football League with his friends in the mud. He looks much happier in those commercials


Kaitlin said...

I love Brett Favre.

John said...

Please read this Jason Whitlock article so you know THE REAL STORY why Brett is no longer in Green Bay! CUT AND PASTE...('t-win-when-it-comes-to-office-politics