Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks for the 3 points Bills

Way to capitalize on that big forced fumble by Revis there...

1st and goal from the six-ish: Brett doesnt catch the snap and feebly lunges forward for it while Leon Washington bails him out. That is becoming a theme this year.

2nd and goal: Some bullshit where Brett locks on to half the field and holds the ball too long

3rd and goal: Same shit as second down followed by a scramble and throw away

Of course the announcers dont say anything bad about Favre. It is good Bills coverage.

Maybe if we had a QB with an IQ higher than that of Sarah Palin we could be more creative to counter the Bills coverage, but we don't and we can't


Fatts7 said...

LC looked pissed that brett didnt seem him in the back of the endzone, i thought thats what we brought him here because he can get the ball back there

Anonymous said...

Please read this Jason Whitlock article so you know THE REAL STORY why Brett is no longer in Green Bay! CUT AND PASTE...('t-win-when-it-comes-to-office-politics