Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Game Management" and Brandon Tierney speaking out of his ass

Apparently Favre is begrudgingly now a "Game Manager". Aside from the fact that we had a perfectly good (and better) game manager who is also capable of running about 500% more plays on offense, this is disturbing for a number of reasons. Oh yeah, in addition to that QB that would have done just fine averaging 6-7 yards per attempt, we would also not be down a draft pick.

Lots of articles have been talking about how Favre managed the game last week.
How the hell does making a terrible decision in the 4th quarter that results in a pick/TD for the other team count as game management?
I guess that is because the RBs and OL grinded it out after the Jets completely neutralized the self-imposed threat that is Brett Favre but putting an electric dog collar on him.
Favre deserves NO CREDIT for last weeks win. NONE. He shouldnt even get his name in the paper (except for throwing a killer pick). He contribubted nothing more than what probably 60 QBs in the country could have.

FYI, Brandon Tierney just implied Shottenheimer is doing a bad job.

What is more likely:

A) A guy two years removed from being highly regarded for piecing together 10-6 season, and possibly being considered for some head coaching jobs, having no clue how to tell somebody to throw the ball far or forgetting everything he did back then that was successful.


B) Said person being severly limited in their creativity because the guy who runs all the plays in incapable of knowing where everyone on the field is supposed to go because he played in one system forever and came into camp two weeks late and was basically shell shocked.


Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every story and Jason Whitlock gave you The Other Side. DEAL WITH IT!
I am in no way going to try to convice someone with a "Brett Blows" website to suddenly love Brett Favre. I do find your takes
amusing because of your relentless
hatred towards the man.
Can't get over Brett disowning you after you got caught with those two young girls,right?! CHEWY, WE ALL KNOW IT'S YOU NOW, GIVE IT A REST PAL!
(and find a girl your own age!)

brettblows said...

I should have known...

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww Whaaaaa !!!! I want my little Chaddeee !