Friday, November 7, 2008

Jason Whitlock Article Rebuttal

Anonymous posted this article in the comments a couple of days ago. Since I dont have anything else to write, I figured I'd address it on the main page

The article is purely hypothetical and I dont buy the premise that the Green Bay FO wanted to make a name for themselves so they traded Favre. A GM's job is to win. Not win their own way. 99% of GMs would be happy if nobody knew their name as this would mean they are doing a decent job and nobody is calling for their firing.

Regarding the extensions given to the GM and coach, particularly the GM. A GM without job security is a dangerous scenario as they are likely to mortgage the future for the short term to save their job. The FO did nothing more than any other team in sports has done who has wished to rebuild (if you even want to call what GB did rebuilding. they are 4-4 after all. thats a pretty small step back in order to take two steps forward in the future). The Packers will be better next year and years from now. That may be because Rodgers has developed nicely, or he didnt and they got a better QB than what a 40 year old Favre would be next year. It was not worth it to tread water with Favre and delay future progress. These are the decisions only a GM with job security will make.

The Packers drafted Rodgers because they had reason enough to believe that Favre was going to retire or have diminished skills in near future. Once that is done, there is no going back and it is time to either shit or get off the pot once a few years have passed. You've already paid the guy's signing bonus for the most part and might be into a cheap part of his contract. If he sucks you can cut him. But if he is good, you have a hell of a value on your hands and plenty of space on the cap to add around him.

You can't fault the Packers for wanting to find out about Rodgers. Keeping Favre delays any sort of progress you expect to make going forward.

A) It delays your decision on Rodgers
B) What is Favre's salary, 12 mil? It would be nice to have that cap space

I cant remember (or never knew in the first place) all the drama in July because, frankly, I didnt really care since never in my wildest nightmares would the Jets get him.
Did he have a no trade clause?
Did he not want to be a back up?
All I know is he wanted to pick his team or get cut (so he could pick his team) and that held up whatever progress he was going to make with whatever future team had the (mis)fortune of obtaining him. Doesn't sound like a guy who just loves the game and wants to play it. Brett Favre has become a team-wrecker. Just like a home-wrecker. It's hard to resist at the time. Then after your home is wrecked, you look back and think it wasnt that good anyway.

The Packers didnt owe him anything. The relationship was mutually beneficial. I certainly wouldnt expect anyone to owe me anything after theyt paid me close to 100 million dollars and had the good fortune to play 15+ years in the NFL. I only wish I can be victimized like that.


Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every story and Jason Whitlock gave you The Other Side. DEAL WITH IT!
I am in no way going to try to convice someone with a "Brett Blows" website to suddenly love Brett Favre. I do find your takes
amusing because of your relentless
hatred towards the man.
Can't get over Brett disowning you after you got caught with those two young girls,right?! CHEWY, WE ALL KNOW IT'S YOU NOW, GIVE IT A REST PAL!

brettblows said...