Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is not the WGAFL

Phil Simms said the Jets showed him a lot. I'm going to put words in his mouth here: "The Jets showed me a lot. Specifically that they can overcome a huge deficiency at the QB position. Time after time Leon Washington makes something out of nothing on a 1 yard pass, fumble, or botched hand off. He also frequently returns kicks very far after Brett Favre picks that have been returned for TDs. The defense stepped up today and accounted for 10 points. It is remarkable how they can win games week after week. Well except for those games against Oakland and the Tom Brady-less Pats."

The Jets can be so much better without this bumpkin playing quarterback. I revise my earlier statement that the Jets offense has become Madden '93. It is worse. They have removed the C button from the Genesis controller so Favre can only focus on two options on half of the field.

Brett, this is not the Wrangler Grab Ass Football League. It is 11 on 11, not the 5 on 4 (Brett is the automatic QB when he plays with his buds, much to even their shagrin). This fundamental difference means that receivers such as Jericho Cotcherry might be fucking covered STEP FOR STEP.

Now we will hear cliches like "There are no easy wins in this league" and "There is no such thing as an ugly win" in rambling press conferences for another week while we sit back and watch the negative pick that Green Bay paid us to take Brett off their hands escalate from a 4th rounder to probably 3rd by now and maybe 2nd any week now.

Game balls go to the 21 guys on both sides of the ball not named Brett Favre, and maybe a couple on special teams.


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Please read this Jason Whitlock article so you know THE REAL STORY why Brett is no longer in Green Bay! CUT AND PASTE...('t-win-when-it-comes-to-office-politics