Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

It's Election Night suckas, which means we get to vote someone off the Jets (I wish).

Gonna woop it up 'Bama-style (that's a double entedre if you are clued in to the lingo of the DC youth) on Capitol Hill for the Dork Super Bowl (Sorry, ripped that off some dude named Fritz at the Washington Post). I wasnt really political until Tundra-spice (ripped that off Ali Baseball Cat) arrived on the scene.

Now that I am done ripping witty things off other people, please vote in the polls I added to the left.

Favre is only capable of screwing up once a week, so my material runs out by Sunday night. If I had more time and the NHL package, I'd consider starting up www.sidneycrosbyisabitch.blogspot.com


Fatts7 said...

can you add a neither to the first poll - that is too close to call

brettblows said...

No. You have to make a decision. Your life depends on it