Thursday, November 13, 2008

Decent Game

I suppose the guy played a decent game, except for disappearing at the end of the second half through third quarter. Two good drives at the end. A fairly uneven performance all around from the Jets though, aided by a couple big plays (Leon TD and Cotcherry circus catch on an underthrow).

I'm still not convinced this guy is worth the pick we have given up for him. This game merely offsets the Oakland game. The coaches don't trust him either. Running on third and three near the end of regulation? Shouldn't you have more faith in QB you traded for who seems to do nothing else lately but throw 3 yard passes at 75% success rate?

Favre tonight was like Sarah Palin in the VP debate. A few moments when she knew what she was talking about and didn't look confused, like when she (I won't say eloquently, more like 5th grade English-ly) spoke about not answering the questions she is asked and any time she mentioned America Joe and Six Pack the Plumber. Smooth on the rehearsed talking points, crappy every where else. Brett got in his rehearsed opening remarks (more than I initially expected him to do tonight). Got confused for a bit. Then the Joe Biden Patriots fell asleep and the moderator asked Palin to take her top off. The expectations were so low that a night without an interception returned for TD is considered a success.

NE was missing 3 studs on D. It's about time the Jets put some points on the board against a wounded/sub par defense. Perhaps I overstated Belichick's genius.

You have to admit, the Pats all but gave this game away and the offense didn't want to take it:

Turnover on downs instead of a FG
Watson letting go of the ball (I won't call it fumbling) for some reason
Bad snap
Pretty weak holding call at the end of regulation (the first one on Vrabel) which help set up the roughly 15 plays inside the 10 and the go ahead TD.

The Jets were given this game on a silver platter and needed a coin toss to win. That is not encouraging. If I was a bit more crazy, I'd be thinking this was an NFL mandate to create a fairy tale story for the old man (or Uncle Rico as noted by Joe Pezz).

I suppose I'm on temporary hiatus til next game.


Anonymous said...

Yes Captain Asshat you have it all figured out, it's an NFL conspiracy plot to award
Brett Favre a Super Bowl this year!
(You're an amusing little ass-muncher!)

Fatts7 said...

He also made several ridiculous dives for pats sacks where he just crumbled as if strahan's pinky was about to touch him. Defense has got to come up with one play at the end of regulation to prevent the agony.

Anonymous said...

Hey fatts, The Jets are 7-3!
They get better every week.
(Just like the Giants did last year!)

Anonymous said...

Where are you Capt'n ?
Time to change your blog to:
"Brett Favre made me look like an asshole"
Jets are 8-3 and your little Chadee
lost to the Pats ! Awwwwwww !!!

Anonymous said...

I only posting here because I didn't see an article after Brett's latest debacle in Tennessee. You are sooooo smart. I'm stealing a line from the famous NBA/Rap star...How's your @ss taste, because it is clearly where your head is.

brettblows said...

I'm just waiting. He'll fuck it all up eventually. That pick he threw was horrible both from a throw and decision standpoint. That would have been a prime opporunity for Tenessee to swing the momentum of that game. As it is the Jets D is very good and the Tenessee receivers can't catch. The Jets better hope NE doesn't make it to the playoffs, because they aren't going to piss another game away like they did two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm back-the same one that told you to get a life and that Favre was gonna be a friggin hero after the Panzies-Patsies--oops (oh well they're cheaters anyway)game. Who was right? And then the next week they go to Tennessee and whoop up. Yes all interceptions are dumb decisions and have nothing to do with the athletic ability of a defensive back like Cortland Finnigan or a wide receiver letting a defender get in front of him. Did you ever play QB? Cause if you did I bet you sucked at it!!! Keep blowing smoke about Favre-you aren't fit to lick his jockstrap!!! Can't wait to see this site disappear like your career when Favre gets the JETS a Lombardy trophy!!!

Fatts7 said...

Anonymous - what happened this week against Denver - defense played poorly but isnt that why we brought favre in here to win or at least keep the team competitive when everything else is going wrong. Thats what Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are capable of (the only two other hall of famer qbs still playing the game).