Sunday, November 30, 2008

Washington (et al) Rejects Bailout for Brett Favre...

Leon Washington, that is, and the rest of the New York Jets, who are normally complicit in enabling a mediocre at best QB to grab headlines in wins where he was a negative factor.

Actually, they did try to bail him out. Washington had at least one 40 or so yard gain on a screen play. A play on which one of the announcers (the color guy BLEW by the way) said Favre was a "great screen QB". WTF if that? Here is what makes a great screen QB: get ball to Leon Washington and let the offensive line, consisting of recent first round picks and large FA signinings, block for him. Gone, however, was the monster Washington kick return, often for a TD. Although Thomas Jones did rip off a couple long TD runs to offset this lack of contribution from Washington.

Gone was the Cotchery or Coles circus catch on poorly thrown ball
Gone was the other team forgetting to show up for the first half
Gone were the other team's receivers forgetting how to catch
Gone was the softie penalty (though there were some) that gives the Jets four new downs inside the 5 yard line.
Gone was the stifling Jets defense

Present was the crappy throwing, particularly on anything greater than seven yards outside the hash marks. The fourth down that Cotchery didn't catch was underthrown. Would have been caught on a good throw. Favre missed an open Keller down the middle to go three and out at the end of the first half which allowed Denver to come back and get three points.
Present was the poor passing game inside the ten yard line: first and goal from the seven in the third quarter (where the Jets settled for the FG) and the Jets settled for negative five yards (after a sack/fumble). I won't get into detail about the garbage time fiasco from the three yard line. Favre is not in need of time. He has plenty of it and fails to find receivers against a poor passing defense. There were numerous examples of this today. There were also plenty of balls that were touched first by Bronco defenders. Favre lacks any kind of touch to make passes in a short field. Everything is a chest/head high line drive. He can't put balls up and over defenders.

The two turnovers on downs were pretty pathetic (before garbage time). I believe it was the first TOD, Denver brought EVERYONE looking for a run and the line picked it up. With that much time and an open secondary he should have found someone to whom to at least attempt a throw. The other TOD was a crappy throw on third and three preceding the underthrown heave to Cotchery

Brett Favre didn't lose this game. The Jets did. This time the Jets just didnt play well enough to overcome thier deficiency at QB, like they have recently.

I only saw maybe a quarter of this game. The stats and boxscore indicate I probably missed more crappiness than quality from Favre.

-Brett Favre is maybe the 50th best quarterback.
--In the NFL?
-In Georgia...


Anonymous said...

First off, it was the defense that cost the Jets this game. That said, all the love shown Brett by this announcing team (Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon) was pathetic. I had the same thought when they proclaimed Brett a great screen quarterback. Not one comment from them about how almost every pass over 20 yards in the air was a struggle. To me, it appears as if the man has aged dramatically since last season. As a Jets fan, I would love to see the arm that he displayed for years in Green Bay.

Fatts7 said...

We brought this guy in to win games like this when the rest of the team was down -- he has done nothing close to that all season. In the last nine minutes he just didnt even seem to remotely care anymore. Last week everyone was saying that the Jets fortunes have finally changed, with the addition of Favre -- i think this will turn out to be the jets worst blunder yet. Favre will leave them in the lurch this offseason and I just hope the jets have the balls to move on from him after one year of service. That being said - i can still see the team winning out, the 52 other players will be angry enough to go back to overcoming all the qb problems. They were bound to lose one game down the stretch (i.e. they werent going to win 10 in a row to finish up) and it may as well have been this game - lets just hope they show up on their trips across the country...