Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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Jerricho said...

I hate you. You are the most negative person I've ever met. I can't wait til he clicks with this office and you have to dedicate your miserable life to something else.

brettblows said...

Have we met?

I guess time will tell regarding the clicking. I haven't noticed a positive trend.

Right now I see the Jets with two more losses than they should have with a guy playing just like or worse than the guy we gave to a division opponent. And we are short a draft pick?

Want something positive? The Jets are good enough to overcome this guy's deficiencies.

Just because the Jets have masked Favre's stench doesn't mean it was a good move.

I will admit the possibility exists that Favre gets it by week 16 or the playoffs and the Jets might exceed their potential then if they had Pennington.

You just have to hope the Jets can tread water that long

Anonymous said...

Please read this Jason Whitlock article so you know THE REAL STORY why Brett is no longer in Green Bay! CUT AND PASTE...(http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/8422668/Favre-can't-win-when-it-comes-to-office-politics

brettblows said...


Interesting article. So Favre is not TO. I dont know if that is anything to be pround of. Hasn't he been playing this retire/not retie game for years. If they knew Favre would be around, they wouldnt have drafted a QB in the first round.

True, he didnt have to tell them his intentions in March. But if Brett Favre is the team guy everyone praises him to be, he would realize the predicament he puts the team in year after year.

He did try to dictate to which team he wanted to go to when he had no right to do that.

Right now, I'm too tired to think more about this. I will admit I dont know the particulars about what went on in years past.

I know Favre stuck his nose in Javon Walker's business.

There is evidence that points both ways about Brett Favre. Is he all american good guy or a diva that has fooled everyone.

I'll try to revisit this if after I learn/think about this more.