Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brett Favre Might Be Hurt

I'm sure we've all heard the sob story.

Lets just add this to reason to the one of many you don't trade for an old stupid QB with a long consecutive games started streak:

Anything short of amputation and Mangini can't bench the guy. He can't end the streak of a "legend".

I like this article from Sam Borden of the Journal News. Actually I hate it. Hey Sam, just because you didnt seen this coming doesn't mean others didn't. It's nice to think that you know more anybody and that if you didn't then nobody else could have. No ego there.

I saw it coming. Unlike you, I'll admit I'm not the smartest guy in the world. So, if I saw it coming, I'm sure others did too.

Maybe by "nobody" you meant all the wuss media.


Anonymous said...

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Joe Benigno calls Eric Mangini 'buffoon,' 'idiot'Joe Benigno of WFAN was not entirely pleased with Eric Mangini's coaching performance during Sunday's Jets-Seahawks game.

Click below for his thoughts during his opening rant this morning.

“What a disgrace. Bro, this coach has got to go. Enough. And I don’t want to hear about any scenarios next week. Don’t tell me that Buffalo’s beating New England. Don’t tell me that the Jaguars are going to beat the Baltimore Ravens, and don’t tell me that the Jets are going to beat the Dolphins! Why would I think that!?

"In a huge game, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a worse-coached football game than the one Mangini gave you yesterday. This guy proved once and for all, and I’ve known it all year, you heard that little clip from after the Patriot game, when they were 7-3, and I said this guy is going to do something to kill them before the year is over, well, he’s done it.

"The decisions that he made yesterday, a Pop Warner coach would know more football and would be as smart a football guy than this absolute buffoon idiot that has no business stepping foot again on the sideline coaching this team. And that’s it.

"And as far as the quarterback, good-bye. You’re done. Stick a fork in him, go back to Mississippi and go fishing with Mike Holmgren for the rest of your life. I’ve had enough with him, too. Get him out. I wanted him here. God knows I was wrong. Get him out! Like I said, go retire. Don’t plan on any Jets fans showing up in Canton for your Hall of Fame induction, and get lost. Get out of town.

"I want a new coaching staff in here. I want to see them draft a quarterback in the first round. You know what, maybe they get lucky. There are two teams that are going to the playoffs this year with rookie quarterbacks and rookie coaches.

"And throw in this, too, bro, seven Pro Bowlers! What a disgrace! Seven Pro Bowlers, more than anybody in the league, for a team that’s not going to go to the playoffs! Is that a disgrace or what? Eric, have another burger."

(A few minutes later, Joe started screaming in the background as his co-host, Evan Roberts, spoke.)

More from Joe:

"Woody Johnson, when you're counting your PSL money, take a look at your coach, Woody! Get the Q-tips out of your ears and take a look at the coach. He stinks. I thought Herman Edwards was bad. Ohhh! Herman, I apologize.

"I know you've lost 22 out of 24, but you know what, at least Herman's football team comes to play football. At least they show up to play. I don't think he has a Hall of Fame quarterback. But you know what, right now I'll take Tyler Thigpen over Favre. I would!"

More from Joe:

"I hate this team. You know what, for 40 years they have given me nothing but agita, aggravation. They've given their fans nothing. All they care about is PSLs, shiny new stadium, in bed with the Giants. It's a freakin' joke, a joke!"

More from Joe:

"There have been plenty of choke jobs by the Jets over the years. I don't want to start documenting all the years. We don't need to do that. But this is as bad as it gets. And this guy has got to go. Mike Tannenbaum, I know he's your buddy, OK, and you're right about Tannenbaum, he did a terrific job in the offseason, I have nothing bad to say about him. Show me something now, Mike, and get rid of this guy, because he stinks.

"He's over his head. He's got no clue. He's like a robot. He's got no emotion. For a guy that learned under Belichick and Parcells, how could he be this bad? How is that possible? How can this guy, when he learned under Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, be an absolute fraud as a head coach? How?"


"Miami, they've got Bill Parcells, Michael Corleone. The Patriots, they got Bill Belichick, Sonny Corleone. The Jets? We got Mangini, Fredo Corleone. If you know 'The Godfather,' nothing else needs to be said. It is an out-and-out disgrace that this team has blown it again. Just unbelievable."

Gurski said...

1) Why are you blogging on Christmas?

2) Are you going to intentionally root against the Jets this weekend then? You would have to in order to essentially be proven wrong about Brett Favre. Can you really go and do that just to win this argument? If so, you minus well just convert to a 'Skins fan since you are already down here. Or you could just switch locker rooms and root for the Giants.

3) What's up with this gigantic list of things?

Anonymous said...,0,1341844.column

Fatts7 said...
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Fatts7 said...
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Fatts7 said...

brettblows said...

Good article Bob Glaub.

At least somebody called the Jets fans moronic for cheering when Pennington got hurt.

I disagree with the notion that Mangini didn't provide good coaching. Last year was just an awful O-line.

I still can't accept the that Mangini wanted Favre. I dont know why he would. Maybe I think Mangini is smarter than he is. I'm mostly basing this on the 10-6 season. I think Mangini is a good coach and Pennington and Schottenheimer worked well together and were creative.

I think Mangini and Schottenheimer are limited in what they can do with Favre there. He doesn't learn quickly. All the Jets needed this year was a competent QB with a low beta (sorry just took a finance class). And I think Mangini knew this.

But when you bring in Favre, there is going to be a mismatch in the whole game-manager philosophy. Why teach an old dog new tricks? Plus, you can't bench a hurt Favre for the good of the team. Favre can only take himself out. If Clemens was so close to Chad in camp, Clemens surely has to be better than what Favre is giving them.

It isn't a good situation for a young coach. If I could see it, so should Mangini. I hope someone spills the beans on this scenario

brettblows said...

Fatts7, Is that the "Penn' Can Author..." article you posted. Whole link didnt go through.