Thursday, December 11, 2008

My God, He is So Dumb

Another good showing from Jay Greenberg. I sense he is just waiting to rip Favre apart when the time comes. He doesn't go full on rip job here as much as he presents Favre's dumb ass quotes and effectively rolls his eyes with his words or lack of.

According to Brett, nobody has figured out the Jets short passing game. It isn't clear if he has included himself and/or the Jets offense in that category. It's pretty irrelevant as far as opposing defenses go. They don't need to figure it out. It's as ineffective as shit. An extreme example would be saying nobody has figured out our two yard run offense. Nobody gives a F about it to figure it out.

Apparently the Jets not being able to throw deep is a matter of execution. Is that supposed to make us feel better? You know what is also a matter of execution? Me not being a professional athlete, because I can't F-ing execute at that level. BRETT CAN'T EXECUTE AN ACCURATE 25 YARD PASS WITH ANY CONSISTENCY. Is he going to learn this by next week when he hasn't been able to do it all year?

Regarding why he was brought here: "I haven't even thought about it", Brett the bumkin says. Well isnt that f-ing terriffic since we gave up a good QB and second round pick to get you? I'm glad you come here with no f-ing expectations. I'm sure he was upset to learn the Jets have FieldTurf so he can't play in the mud in his Wranglers.

The final three weeks of this season can't come soon enough. GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF HERE

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