Sunday, December 7, 2008

Halftime in SF

Favre missed Cotchery on a deep throw. Not wide open, but a makeable throw if is it a little shorter or to the inside a little more. Nothing special by itself, but in the context of a whole season of missing these opportunities by the supposed good deep throwing Favre, might as well throw it on top of the heap.

The Jets are lucky to have 7 points. Stuckey made a really nice spinning one handed catch on a poorly thrown simple 7 or so yard out route that he turned into 24 yards and the Jets ended up scoring later.

The Jets are also lucky the Niners fumbled on their first drive or else it would likely be 21-7. The Niners tried to give back another 7 points but the O-lineman didnt get the memo and fell on the ball in the endzone.

The coaches have no faith in Favre. With 35 seconds left in the half and three timeouts, they run one of those conservative but possibly big plays on the screen to Brad Smith. Tackled for nothing, then basically a throwaway down the middle by Favre (at least it didnt look like it was to anybody in particular), then a screen to Leon. The second two plays are meaningless, but it is the first play that dictated what the rest of the drive would try to accomplish.

We gave up a 2nd round draft pick and a QB who is acquitting himself very well this year for what? To take the ball out of Brett's hands and hope he doesnt throw a pick in a situation where a little momentum from a FG before halftime would have been nice. Granted, nothing might have happened if we tried, but for all the hullabaloo and love that Brett elicits, I'd expect a little more.

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