Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did The Broncos Play With 12 Men?

Saw this article in the Daily News today...

Long story short. Coles was double covered all day (and other people should have been open).

Everyone knows we had a horrible passing day. Where are the adjusments by the QB? We have the greatest thing since sliced bread, a "field stretching TE" of the likes Favre has never seen before and wishes he had all his career, and another very good receiver in Cotchery. The Jets are not lacking for receiving options. The article that should be written tomorrow (it basically writes itself, just rework this one a little bit) is how Favre didn't take advantage of the other favorable receiving match-ups created by the attention paid to Coles.

More evidence Favre sucks. Potentially more evidence the media won't call him out.

Please don't read the comments at the bottom of that article. Some of them might make your IQ drop to that of the average IQ in Mississippi. I somehow managed to escape unscathed. You might not be so lucky


Anonymous said...

Cotchery? Wasn't he the one that dropped a 4th down pass that hit him in the numbers? Wasn't he the one who couldn't catch or cover Brad Smith's pitch (a play where Favre never even touched the ball)?

Don't get me wrong, I love Cotchery, and he usually has great hands, but he had a really bad game. If he holds onto the ball on those plays, you would have had a very different ball game.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do not hate Favre; but i was against this move because you dont try to grab lightning in a bottle for a 1 year run with a guy who repeatedly blows playoff games with horrendous picks, then retires year after year. my feeling is if they do not win the SB its a waste because we all know Brett is retiring again. ANd lets be honest, he hasnt been all that great in a long time. the deep ball has eluded him, yet he doesnt realize it, even with mangini putting the reigns on him. honestly, chad would have the same record to this point. favre has not done anything special.

brettblows said...

That 4th down to Cotchery was underthrown and hit him in the knees. I definitely wasnt a drop. The underthrow allowed a defender to at least come close to making a play on it. If I recall correctly (I'll have to look it up), one of the defenders got his hand on Cotchery's hand after Cotchery touched the ball.

I said Favre didn't lose this game on his own. He certainly didnt help matters shorthopping a throw in the 3rd down before the 4th down chuck to Cotchery.

What I'm pointing out is that if you take away great plays such as Leon returning kicks for TDs, receivers making great catches, and the defense playing absolutely shutdown, Favre's 6-7 yards per attempt aren't going to get it done. The Jets exceeded their fair share of great plays and lack of bad breaks in their 8 wins.

Good teams make great plays, but there is some element of luck involved and there comes a time when you are going to have to hit receivers in the numbers on throws longer than 20 yards consistently.

Brett's poor play has been masked by great plays that bail him out. Like Cotchery's 40-50 catch in New England while falling down, and Coles' one handed catch against KC.

Anonymous said...

"That 4th down to Cotchery was underthrown and hit him in the knees."

Did you actually watch the game? That hit him squarely in the numbers. Yes, under thrown, but no, not at the knees.

brettblows said...

I didnt see the whole game, but I saw that play. I can't honestly say it hit him in the knees. I was exaggerrating. However, nothing about it seemed like it was an easy catch. It definitely could have been thrown better.

Can you find me a highlight? doesnt show it