Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stumbled Upon This...

Interesting article about factors that determine success in sports and other areas. Basically, nature isn't everything. Nurture accounts for a lot and often nurture is highly correlated with date of birth.


I was happy to find this nugget near the end:

How can we use this to look at excellence in sports in a better way?

Oh my. Where to start? Just look at the NFL draft. Every year someone drafts some fleet, rocket-armed, studly college quarterback in the first round and every year that can't-miss prospect misses. When are football "experts" going to wake up and accept the fact that success at the quarterback position is not about spectacular physical ability? It's about a million other things, starting with diligence and persistence and resilience and having a really, really big chip on your shoulder.

I wonder how he feels about Chad Pennington. This guy is not anti-intellectual.

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