Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Articles

I suppose since this blog is also about the media's treatment of Favre, specifically waiting for the harsh treatment to arrive, I should point out some articles that start to get to that point.

Jay Greenberg in the NY Post, more than just tipping his toe in the pool, might be sitting on the edge dangling his legs in up to the knee...

Calls Favre out on Favre's own evaluation of the playoff game against the Giants.
Mentions Favre has made one pass all season that Pennington couldn't (the TD to Coles in TEN). Leaves out the fact that there are probably plenty that Pennington could have made the Brett didn't, mainly those involving better decisions.
A good effort, a potential candidate for some good scathing after another loss

This doesn't pass any judgment on Favre, just basically a transcript of the idiot rambling:,0,1355618.story

Favre doesn't want to use injury as an excuse, except he is. The moment you bring up injury, even if you are saying you don't want to use it as an excuse, you are using it as an excuse. If you don't want to use it as an excuse, don't bring it up. This is one of my greatest athlete pet peeves. I also like the pre-injury warning. It should read like "I'm telling you, I'm gonna get banged up and suck, so don't get mad at me when it happens. Of course I didn't tell the Jets or anybody else this before the season because then nobody would let me play football. And I mean NOBODY. Not even the WGAFL. They are tired of me always playing automatic QB and taking breaks to pet the dog."

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