Thursday, December 18, 2008

Favre and Pressure

I've been reading lots of stuff (I think mainly from moron commenters on newspaper websites) about Favre being a big game player, playing under pressure, and being able to lead this team to the playoffs. He has also shown that he can be a big game stinker. Giants last year. Didn't he lose like the first playoff game in 200 years below 40 degrees at Lambeau to the heavily underdog early Michael Vick Falcons too? Clearly whatever aura that has surrounded him has vanished.

But has he really played under pressure? I mean where is the pressure playing in front of fans who have deified you for probably getting lucky a couple times in a row? Brett Favre could fart in their dinner tonight and they wouldn't care.

This season will be the first time where at least some of the fans won't give a F what he did in the past. This year it won't be OK if he screws up. He hasn't done shit for Jets fans besides potentially cost us our future. This season there are writers pouring lighter fluid on their computer waiting to flame him in the papers. I'm expecting big things from the NY Post's Jay Greenberg. He probably had one all teed up ready to go until Elam and Ellis crashed the party.

It seems as though once the Jets get through their first expertly scripted two drives, that get them points, the wheels come off. Favre is only capable of cramming for 1 quarter worth of the game plan then he cracks.

Let's see if he leads the Jets this year as well as he leads his sheep.

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