Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Three is not the most important number for the Jets

How incredibly short sighted this article is. It is thinking like this that has caused the economy to tank by the way. I'd like to know how much credit card debt this writer has...

Oh yes, please win these three games and take this flawed team with a QB who has become disabled by cold wet weather to a one and out in the playoffs. The dream season just experienced will completely validate this trade.

If THREE is the most important number right now, after the season the following numbers will become much more important

If Brett retires:
ZERO: As in number of proven NFL QBs on Jets roster
TWO: The round in which they will be missing a draft pick to either get a QB who likely won't be NFL-ready or trade up with their low 1st round pick to get a high 1st round pick and get QB who can maybe play in the NFL immediately.


If Brett stays (God no):
WHATEVER BRETT'S CAP NUMBER IS NEXT YEAR: As in a quantity of money to prevent upgrades at whatever position we want that is currently spent a useless player.
ZERO (from above) might become ONE: As is guy who played QB with some success year ago but no longer has it
ZERO (shows up again): As is number of people on the roster the Jets should feel comfortable with playing QB next year.
ONE: As in wasted roster spots occupied by Bretthole

Then maybe THREE in fact does become the most important number because it will be the minimum number of years it will take for the Jets to be competitive again.

Feel free to post any free agent ideas. I don't feel like looking that up. Although, when is the last time a proven franchise QB changed teams via FA?


Fatts7 said...

drew brees

brettblows said...

Is it bad that that we could UPGRADE to the guy with the second most INTs in the league?