Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mangini's a Moron. Kerry Rhodes Doesn't Like to Study. Ellis is Classy

Jets coach Eric Mangini bristled when asked if the quarterback swap should be considered a bad decision if the Dolphins finish ahead of the Jets.

"It doesn't come down to that," Mangini said. "They aren't in a cage match on Sunday. There are two teams that play."

Really Mangina? Are you indicating the Dolphins have more talent? That's just laughable you moron. So one QB with a worse team is playing better and leading that team to a better record than a QB with a better team. That tells me the first QB has to be better. The only other variable is coaching. So what's it gonna be? Is Chad better than Favre or are you a bad coach?

"He's going to come here looking to put us out of here for good," said safety Kerry RhodesKerry Rhodes , Pennington's former training camp roommate.

Rhodes was one of several Jets who said it's no surprise Pennington is having a big season. Rhodes recalled Pennington coming into their room at training camp late at night, still wanting to talk Xs and Os and Rhodes telling him to go to sleep.

So Chad knew the offense and the defense and was eager to work on both and challenge his teammates. Now we have a QB who just throws hard like a meathead. I'm glad we chose tha anti-intellectual route.

"I'm not surprised," said defensive end Shaun Ellis, who played eight seasons with Pennington. "I think you all (the media) are more surprised than anything. Chad has always been a hard worker, a guy who is going to come in and give it his all. Even with the injuries, he worked his butt off to get back."

In addition to his two well-documented rotator cuff surgeries, Pennington played most of last season with torn ligaments in his ankle.

"I'm happy for him. He deserves it," said tight end Chris Baker, who played six seasons with Pennington. "He works extremely hard and he's a pro. How could you not root for a guy like that? He's a good guy."

I don't know. Ask the 10,000 morons who showed up at the first Favre practice and the 80,000 in the seats at last year's home opener when Pennington got hurt.

Fire up next season now. PLAY CLEMENS! Give us hope or dread. Uncertainty is the worst.
If Favre and the Jets don't make the playoffs, it also will be troubling because it will begin another off-season, for Favre, of "will he or won't he?" Because of the Favre experiment, the Jets didn't develop either of their young quarterbacks, Kellen Clemens or Brett Ratliff, this season. And with the 39-year-old living legend iffy at best to play in 2009, the Jets cannot be sure who will be under center next September.

But if the Jets win Sunday and get some help, that harsh reality can be pushed back, at least for a week. And of course, if it is Pennington who knocks the Jets out of playoff contention, that will hurt that much more for a fan base that may not always have liked the cerebral but weak-armed Pennington at quarterback, yet always respected him. And while the low-key Pennington won't admit it publicly, you can bet he feels he has something to prove Sunday.

I guess we'll just leave it at that for now

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