Sunday, December 21, 2008

Player Haters' Ball

Chris Collinsworth just said "It looks like Brett Favre wears underwear without dickholes in them". Actually he didn't, but he told it like was. Juxtaposed (not my word) to Pennington's year. All you really have to do is juxtapose it to today. Chad with a very serviceable day in zero degree weather. Favre without.

I'll update this post with worthy criticism from others. I've been saying my piece for months. I don't think I have anything new to add. Didn't see the game. Didn't have to. The way-to-high "pass short right incomplete" to "pass short right complete" ratio said it all.


Jeff M. said...

I'm a huge Packers and Favre fan who has to admit at this point that the results show that the anti-Favre people like yourself were correct and that the Jets would have been better off with Pennington this year. Favre was brought in to win games at the end of the season to make the playoffs, and as much as I wish he would have pulled it off, he didn't get it done.

I do think, though, that you need to scale back your contention that the overall succes he's had in his career is only because of "getting lucky a few times earlier in his career". You don't win 3 MVPs, 1 Super Bowl, 2 NFC Championships, and take your team to 12 playoffs in 16 seasons by simply "getting lucky a few times." He was really really really fucking good back in his prime and you can't just ignore that fact because he failed this season.

brettblows said...

I dont really care at this point. I know I go overboard. He doesn't blow. JP Losman blows. Brett this year was bad and in the past he might have been good. He was definitely overrated.

Brett ripped us off. We were dumb to buy, but that doesn't change the fact that he and the Packers essentially pulled a slimy used car salesman on us. Not to fault the Packers because that is what you should do. However, Brett is supposed to have some character. He knew he was done yet kicked and screamed and essentially ruined the Jets.

Thank you Brett. Was it fun for you? Frankly, my ass hurts. So you better have liked it.

Anonymous said...

The Jets offensive linemen had better hope that Joey Porter isn't a close friend of Favre, or they'll be giving up phantom "sacks" on running plays.
Am I the only Jets fan that will be rooting for Miami next Sunday in hopes of hastening Mangini's departure?

brettblows said...

It doesn't look like you'll be the only one. In a lot of the comments on the newspaper articles etc. people are saying the same thing. Mostly because they dont want the Pats. It won't happen because Chad Pennington is 800 times classier than I am, but if he wins, I'd love to see him run to the tunnel waving his middle finger at all those who cheered when he got hurt last year. Jets fans can redeem themselves if the Pats win, rendering the game meaningless, by giving Chad a nice ovation