Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looks Like the Media's Testes Dropped

Been away for a couple days doing some completely un-Favre-related hateful activities. It's good to see the media finally grow a set and start writing the negative truth about the guy who is a million times or so more of a man than I am (according to someone in my comments).

Jay Greenberg was ahead of the media curve a couple weeks ago and maintained a strong this week.

I found a couple of other columns telling the truth today. Some others were questioning the trade's success or failure.

Favre has to be on about his ninth life by now.

Lots of the comments left on the newspaper sites must be written by Green Bay people who have known nothing in their life other than Favre. Apparently we NYJ fans (or former fans) just don't understand how much this guy has done for a completely different city with nothing else to do but watch the Peckers. Thus, we should revere him too. I just find it hard to believe that NY'ers have the level of irrational sentimentality for the guy that they are willing to cut him a break. Although I would believe that a lot of Jets fans are dumb enough to not realize implications beyond this year's roster.


Anonymous said...

My man, I am(was) a Jet fan until this trade. They dumped on a guy with class who has gotten it done before for them, for a guy who we all know is way past his prime just to sell tickets. Pennington got that awful 2006 team into the playoffs (albeit a weak schedule; kind of like this season haha and Favre is such a hero), and they go out a get 3 new linemen, Keller, etc and then dump him off in the trash. I am praying to the football gods that Miami beats the Jets on the last day and knocks them off, because I am rooting for Chad, not Brett the classless act.

brettblows said...

Word. I figured if I kept posting long enough, people who agreed with me would come out of the woodwork. I find it funny that those who dont agree with me call me names and say things equating to "Favre is God". Never a reasonable argument.

Last year's schedule harder. Not to mention the added ugrades all around.

I think the fact that people on our side at least attempr to present logical arguments says a lot, while those who disagree present no evidence.