Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favre's Green Bay Perks and other Primadonna-ness

Jay Glazer: (found this at thejetsblog.com) scroll down to the Favre section.


Synopsis, had own dressing room and office in GB. Hated being called out by Mangini

Some other decent stuff from thejetsblog.com:

It seemed as though that site was in the tank for Favre a couple of weeks ago. Now they are coming around

Please dont let Favre be running this team. It doesnt even make business sense at this time. Nobody will buy a PSL based on Favre coming back now.


Anonymous said...

What has yet to be aired is how he had a private Leinie Lodge in the bowels of Lambeau featuring a harem of Wisconsin farmgirls wearing unsnapped overalls whose hands were kept in butter churns for his halftime gratification.

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Anonymous said...

This can't be true - they had to already be thinking that they were going to make that his middle name:
"But before Favre began throwing the season away down the stretch, there seemed to be a peaceful coexistence, at the very least, between them. Mangini's third son, born coincidentally on Favre's birthday, Oct. 10, was named Zack Brett, because of a promise the father made to his new quarterback during the recruitment process. "It is a pretty cool thing," Favre said then."

There is definitely favre lust going on with woody J

Gurski said...

Man, Brett Favre playing with a torn bicep in his throwing arm...please provide insight as to how this guy still "blows"...

brettblows said...

Because he is too stubborn and selfish to sit out and let a capable QB play. And it wasn't a good enough excuse for them to keep Mangini. So, either A) he is stupid and selfish or B) it isnt an excuse for blowing. This guy is a dumb meathead. Thinking you can still play well through a torn tendon or whatever is just dumb, which I've maintained he is all along. This is why you dont handcuff yourself by acquiring an unbenchable old legend with a consecutive games streak. The putz wont take himself off the field. In some cases that is laudable. In many others it is selfish and detrimental to the team

Anonymous said...

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