Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jets are a Joke

Mangini gone. And somehow Tannenbaum isn't. The only way this could possibly make sense is if Mangini wanted Favre and convinced Tannenbaum to go along with it. Maybe that was the case. Who knows?

Cotchery and Rhodes said Favre can come back as long as he participates fully in the offseason. This confirms my suspicions that Favre did not grasp the playbook.

An anonymous player (just saw it on ESPN) said that plays calls were catered to Favre and departed from what the Jets had been doing. More evidence the guy is not adaptable.

Even more similarites emerge between the Favre/Palin scenarios. I kinda just brought that up as a joke before because they were both dumb. Now it looks like both were "shoot the moon" with an unqualified person situation.

Now the Jets are down a QB, a coach, and a 3rd round draft pick. Maybe not making the playoffs was not best for the Jets. I hadn't counted on Mangini being fired.

What's worse:

No QB, new coach, no third round pick


No QB, Mangni, second round pick

It will be fun to watch all the beans be spilled a la the McCain campaign now that this is over. Should be juicy. I doubt Mangini will say anything though, at least not directly. Might just have to rely on "sources close to..."

I still don't see how a crappy 39 year old QB stinking up the place in the last 5 games is Mangini's fault.

This could just be one more situation where someone leaves the Jets and has the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

Brett, how is the Jets being a joke something new? I am a Jet fan since the year of the Mud Bowl. I have lived through a lot of pain...But i repeat, I was never, as a fan , on board with the Brett Favre move. And we all now see why. He hasn't had it in years, and the Jets screwed their own for an attempt at a one year wonder. This never works, and in this case, failed more than miserably. I hope the egomaniac Favre is happy for his role in all this.

brettblows said...

Not that it is new, but three years ago gave reason for hope. I thought we were on the way to adopting a Pats philosophy. By that I mean, smart drafting, FA signings, and trades. More specifically, less chasing big names and more acquiring sold players and role players to fill needs and fit whatever system we were planning on running.

I think we were on our way to doing that. Drafted Ferguson and Mangold. Found a great value in Washington in the third round. David Harris has been good. What round was he.

Everything was becoming more homegrown and I think was working. Sure last year was a setback. But that is bound to happen due to injuries and whatever. The O-line was addressed in a big way and that was fine. Those guys don't grow on trees and are a necessity. Is an O-line signing ever really a glamorous thing? Then this Favre trade was a complete departure from that. Thats why I dont think the "football people" (Mangini and Tannenbaum) were on board with it. Why would they piss away three years of building?

The Jets were basically injury free this year (except for maybe Favre who is beyond being pulled from a game).

Mangini didn't forget how to coach after going 10-6 three years ago

Fatts7 said...

I think woody johnson forced the favre thing on these guys - I think woody was also responsible for getting rid of mangini. I think tannenbaum would have given him another shot. I do get the sense that the jets were frustrated by something with mangini - rhodes and coles both gave him a very lukewarm endorsement plus that anonymous player...

im assuming tannebaum had a lot to do with all the good FA signings (sans favre) and the solid drafts (sans gholtson so far). so i dont have a huge problem with him being around. I would have kept mangini and gotten rid of favre...i just think woody said this was not an option...