Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looks Like I Missed Some Stuff

For some reason I can't click the links in the comments. Was traveling most of yesterday. I can only gather that there is something in there about Mangini naming his kid after Favre. That's ridiculous, and if true, a fireable offense in itself. I also don't buy Mrs. Mangini going for the idea.

It was nice to wake-up to this:

Cowher doesn't want Favre and withdraws from HC consideration

Nice job Boner and Tannenbaum. Nobody wants your pet projects. Another interesting thing in there: Tannenbaum and Mangini didn't make decisions together as much as I thought. I thought Mangini was more involved in personnel. I get the sense Woody is becoming too involved lately a la Dan Snyder. Why is he at the press conference? Was he at Herm's firing or any others?

Bob Glauber telling it like it is

The longer Favre goes without deciding the greater his chance of coming back I think. It should be obvious that the right decision is to leave. The longer this drags on it seems as though Favre will be convincing himself to come back.

I think Kerry Rhodes' comments hint at some frustration. I'm thinking it was kind of one of those things where someone tries to discourage you from doing something by telling you you can do it but then describing in detail all the sucky stuff and leaving out the good stuff.


Fatts7 said...

Woody Johnson is ruining this team single handedly - I know he must have told Tannebaum that he needed to do everything he could to get Favre - and he listened to his boss...I just can't understand how they have made a lot of other good decisions over the past 3 years except for this one disaster - the only explanation in my mind is owner interference.

GRANDWAZOO62 said...

Yes, Mangini named his kid after Brett, which was stupid. But after reading how he called Farve out after stupid throws and at team meetings, I have new found respect for the man. I will no longer call him Mangina.This also leads me to believe he had little to do with acquiring Farve. Still, his bad decisions(Seattle?) he had to go.Johnson though, pops woody at the thought of Farve selling PSLs.
He better take the tampons out of his ears and pay attention to the team.

GRANDWAZOO62 said...

ps- thanks for this blog!!

Fatts7 said...

"The Jets' personnel does not fit either one of these coordinators' schemes," said ESPN football analyst Merril Hoge.

"That's the biggest problem for these guys. You can only do so much."



The fired Eric Mangini spent three years tailoring his personnel to a 3-4 defense, notably getting rid of Jonathan Vilma.

Ryan runs a 3-4 in Baltimore, but Spagnuolo operates out of the 4-3 he learned in Philadelphia under Jim Johnson.

The bigger problem, though, is that neither Justin Tuck nor Ed Reed is coming with either of these guys.

"The Ravens, what makes them go is they have two of the most intelligent football players in Ray Lewis and Ed Reed," Hoge said.

"All of the linebackers are flexible and smart. [The Jets] don't have those kind of people at linebacker or defensive back that it would require to run Ryan's blitzes."

The Jets thought they were drafting a disruptive pass rusher last year with Vernon Gholston at the No. 6 pick. Instead, he was a non-factor, finishing with one solo tackle and no sacks, and he was inactive against Buffalo in December.

"Why they drafted the kid from Ohio State, that's a mystery in itself," Hoge said.

"We get film of the top 30 players before the draft. I watched him and thought he may be the worst football player of the 30 I saw. Being a good athlete doesn't mean you're a good football player.

"There's a lot of good athletes. I want a good football player. I've never seen a more clueless player who completely lacks instincts."

brettblows said...

Ouch Gholston. Yeah I guess it is tough to give Ryan too much credit with Reed and Lewis there.